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    Ecocid - 2.5 kg

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Ecocid S powder

General information

Ecocid S is a complex disinfectant 1 g of which contains 500 mg of potassium peroximonosulphate as active substance and additives: SAA, organic acids (malic, sulphamic), inorganic buffer systems (sodium chloride, sodium polyphosphate,  sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate), dye, lemon perfume.

Appearance - small-pelleted powder of pink-gray colour with lemon odour, very soluble in water.

The pareparation is produced in carton boxes with 25 foil-laminated 50 g packages and 1 kg and 2,5 kg foil-laminated packages.

Store in air tight packing under the temperature from 0° to +30°С in dry place far from children and flammable substances.

Shelf life - 3 years. Use during 28 days after first opening of packing.

Biological properties

Potassium peroximonosulphate in combination with sodium chloride and sulphamic acid is powerful oxidizer. It oxidises glycoproteins, polypeptides, nucleic acid and carbohidrates. It reacts with sulphydryl groups in the nucleic protein

Organic acids in combination with organic buffer produce low pH without significant corrosive effect, control oxidising activity and have selective virucidal activity. Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate in acid medium reacts with some proteins denaturing them.


Preparation properties

  • aerial, surface and water system disinfectant
  • for use in all types of animal housing, fish farms, greenhouses and veterinary surgeries
  • safe and suitable for use with all types of animals and birds
  • no environmental residue problems
  • an excellent and safe water sanitizer
  • suitable for manual or machine application
  • non-tainting
  • of exceptionally low toxicity
  • an pink powder for easy and accurate dilution - readily soluble in tepid water giving a pink solution
  • compatible with a wide range of materials including stainless steel, plastics and rubber
  • used as directed, is non-corrosive


The preparation is intended for disinfection of all surfaces which require safe and effective decontamination from all known 18 families of pathogenic viruses, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, endospores, fungi, yeasts, mouldре.

The preparation is applied for disinfection of animal and avian premises, vivariums, cages for pets, aquariums; shops on bird and egg processing, slaughter shops, cornhouse, feedmills; means of transport, packing materials, equipment, surfaces, instruments; water supply systems, milking pipelines etc.

Virucidal activity

Virus                                                                  Dilution  
Bovine enterovirus type 1 (ECBO)                            1 :100
Aviary influenza virus, H7N1                                    1:640
Aviary influenza virus, H5N1                                    1:320
Atypical chicken pest virus (NDV)                            1:280
Aujeszky's disease virus                                         1:200
Classical swine pest virus                                       1:200
Corona virus Feline calicivirus                                  1:800
Infectious bursal disease(IBDV 1187/06)–high path.     1:30 (3 %)
Infectious bursal disease                                        1:100
Feline calicivirus                                                    1:800
Adenovirus type 1                                                 1:400
Rheovirus type 1                                                   1:400
Rabies virus                                                         1:1600
Polyvirus tip 1                                                      1:200
Parvovirus Haden strain                                          1:800
Adenovirus type 5, Adenoid 75 strain                        1:200

Bactericidal activity

Bacterial strain                                                Dilution
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae                          1:400
Bordetella bronchiseptica                                    1:200
Campylobacter jejuni                                         1:200
Clostridium perfringens                                       1:200
Enterococcus hirae                                            1:75
Escherichia coli                                                 1:200
Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae                                 1:200
Listeria monocytogenes                                      1:200
Mannheimia (Pateurella) haemolytica                     1:200
Pasteurella multocida                                         1:200
Pseudimonas aeruginosa                                     1:75
Proteus hauseri                                                 1 :75
Salmonella enteritidis                                         1:200
Staphylococcus aureus                                      1: 75
Staphylococcus intermedius                                1:200
Streptococus suis                                             1:200



Terminal disinfection
1 : 100 (1%)
Apply working solution to pre-cleaned surfaces using a low-pressure sprayer or another mechanical sprayer at a dose of 300ml/m2. After 30 to 60 minutes, or after the surfaces have dried, return the animals.

Cleaning and disinfecting equipment at farms, in hatcheries or in feed preparation facilities
1 : 200 – 1 : 33 (0.5 % to 3%) depending on level of soiling.
Clean surfaces and disinfect by applying working solution with a low-pressure disinfection sprayer or another mechanical sprayer at a dose of 300 ml/m2. After 15 to 60 minutes, depending on level of soiling, rinse with clean water.

Cleaning and disinfecting farm surfaces and equipment with a high level of soiling
1 : 50 – 1 : 33 (2% to 3%)
Wash, clean and disinfect surfaces by applying working solution with a low-pressure disinfection sprayer or another mechanical sprayer at a dose of 300 ml/m2. After 30 minutes rinse with clean water.

Sanitizing drinking water systems - terminal cleaning and sanitizing
1 : 200 (0.5 %)
1 : 1000 (0.1%)
Fill water tank and supply system with working solution. After 60 minutes, rinse the system thoroughly with clean water.

Continuous sterilization of drinking water
Mix an appropriate quantity of Ecocid S into water tank or prepare an appropriate amount of working solution; pour the solution into an automatic dosing device.

Disinfection barrier for vehicles and footwear and bath for disinfecting hoofs
1 : 100 (1%)
Use disinfection barrier and hoof bath for 4 days or until they are too soiled.

Aerial disinfection
Aerial spraying to reduce cross infection during outbreaks of disease (particularly respiratory tract diseases)
1: 200 (0.5%)
Disinfect with a pressure device allowing very fine spraying or with a knapsack sprayer at a dose of 1 l/10 m2 floor area.

Cold fogging

1 : 100 (1%)
Fog empty facilities (stables) using a mechanical fogging machine at a dose of 1 l/10 m2 floor area and allow to work for 30 minutes. Ventilate the facilities for 30 to 60 minutes before returning the animals.

Thermal fogging

1 : 25 (4%)
First mix fog enhancer with water at a ratio of 15 parts enhancer to 85 parts water. Add Ecocid S to the solution. Fog facilities (stable) using a thermal fogging machine at a dose of 1 l/40 m2 floor area and allow to work for 30 to 60 minutes. Ventilate the facilities for 30 to 60 minutes before returning the animals.

Contra indications



Personnel, who works with the preparation, should follow main rules of hygiene and safety, accepted for work with veterinary preparations.


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